When I think of a New Year I think fresh start and organization. They go together like champagne and New Year! Begining the year with an organized home helps me in my crazy busy life. Running around and looking for things takes time and energy that is better used elsewhere!

Two summers ago we set out on a great family adventure to Jackson Hole where we lived in our 32-foot travel trailer for nine weeks. Not only was this one of the best summers ever for the entire family, we learned that you really don’t need a lot of “things” to be happy. As we packed for the trip we had to think “do I really need this?”

That is what this 30 day declutter challenge is all about! It’s time to go through your house and ask yourself “do I really need this?”. I have put together a list to make this process simple. Each day you have a task to clean out one area of your home. Grab a friend and declutter together so you are held accountable and of course it will be more fun! As you make your way through your home you can post pictures on Instagram and tag @honeysucklesweetlife so we can support each other! I am starting my declutter challenge today!!


  1. Take Everything Out ( I know a little overwhelming)
  2. Organize into piles
  3. Designate 3 piles- trash, sell, and charity. For selling items I have found Facebook Market Place to be the best online platform and of course garage sales.
  4. Go through each item and ask yourself do I really need this.
  5. If you have not used it or worn it for a year get rid of it!

It is ok if you don’t have time to declutter each day in the challenge maybe you are able to do five or six tasks on the weekend. The goal is to just get started and move your way through the list! At the end of the 30 day declutter challenge I will have a new post and photos of how things went here in my home! Good luck and happy organizing!! Download and print your challenge here ⬇️

30Day Declutter Challenge